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SERA Profile
Business Objectives

Collaboration - target, enhance, and expand collaboration and networks through joint ventures and partnerships

Research Initiatives - implement research initiatives and foster international and local recognition of expertise

Capacity Building - create and build capacity, develop skills, and open up the student pipeline

Effectiveness and Efficiency - integrate support structures to optimise effectiveness and efficiency.

The Southern Education & Research Alliance (SERA) is an inclusive strategic alliance established in 2000 to create a world-class consortium with significant education, research, and technology transfer infrastructure and competence. Since its inception by the CSIR and the University of Pretoria, the Alliance has continued to strengthen its ability to contribute to national priorities and support economic growth and sustainable development for South Africa and the region.

Knowledge and human resources rapid and effective application across all aspects of the science, engineering, and technology value chain makes the Alliance unique. Performance against business objectives is made possible by...

  • Collaboration - targeting, enhancing, and expanding collaboration and networks through joint ventures and partnerships.
  • Research Initiatives - implementing research initiatives and fostering international and local recognition of expertise.
  • Capacity Building - creating and building capacity, developing skills, and opening the student pipeline.
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency - integrating and optimising support structures.

Benefits ...

  • Synergy - direct and multi-disciplinary research and technological innovation.
  • Co-operation Opportunities - local and international.
  • Partnerships - across local and international public and private sector organisations, and academic and research institutions.
  • Technology Solutions - addressing sustainable local and southern Africa growth and development challenges.
  • Focussed Activities/Projects - promoting the development of a business and entrepreneurial spirit.

Relationships and partnerships are critical components of SERA and its purpose which embraces student participation, research output, equipment access, building and transforming human capital, strengthening the science and technology base, performing relevant knowledge-generating research, and transferring technology and skilled human capital.

Strategic Focus Areas ... initiatives/projects - planned and implemented by SERA Focus Areas Teams - are aligned with the Alliance's objectives and strategic priorities that include optimising synergies, relationships, partnerships, and the leverage of market opportunities.

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